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This release is bad for the following reasons: - 35%

oneyoudontknow, November 8th, 2007

1. The vocalist sucks. I really mean it. The chances that Sagoth from Venezuela are a joke-band are pretty small, hence is the performance of the vocalist intended to be this way and this makes things even worse. From the actual lyrical content can hardly anything be understood; except the last part of the words: this part is stretched forever and this is done extensively. One or two times are acceptable and endurable, but not 235.895 times over the whole length of the demo. Especially the lack of variation in terms of expressing them makes it annoying. Imagine a sentence of which the first part is being spoken extremely fast and the last syllable screamed longer than the whole previous words all put together.

2. The drums are as monotonous as it can get; and the band does not use a drum-computer. Its style comes down to the use of a nearly permanent listenable snare-drum and cymbals; the bass-drum is drowned due to the mix and can hardly be recognized. The play of the drums is also limited to a handful of motives and becomes therefore pretty predictable over the whole length of the album.

3. The production respectively the mix takes a good deal of power from the music on the whole and fosters only the already present flaws. Some kind of bass cannot be examined; neither the drums nor the guitars offer such element. Furthermore are the snare often too much in the foreground, the cymbals in the background and the guitars something in between; shifting in level over the length of the album. On the last track Sagoth uses also clean vocals, but they are mixed far in the background and it is nearly impossible to recognize them at all.

4. Despite the previous mentioned flaws, the guitars have some nice riffs and it is sad to see that they are wasted here. A better recording environment and some more improvement might have really helped the band to create some nice and catchy songs. Yet the riffs are often drowned by the snare or the vocals or both of them. Not very surprisingly not much of the ideas can be recognized and there is also some kind of chaotic element in the riffs which makes it hard to figure out what the band is playing currently. Most of the music is fast played Black Metal with a good deal of variation in the riffs, which are not too complex, but still average.

The band always tries to play fast and aggressive, but is not able to create a dense atmosphere which would motivate the listener over a longer period of time to enjoy the here presented music. In terms of song-writing there is simply too little offered here and the band tries to be aggressive without ever sounding this way. Especially the vocals and the snare are the elements which hamper the band from progressing in such direction. To me this release is perceived as a demo and nothing more. It is not a rehearsal, but there is still a lot which can be improved on this release. Even though I like some ideas of the guitars and their play, the impact of this element is simply to minor to have a positive effect of the overall quality of the record. Therefore I have to choose such a low rating.