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Out Of Touch... - 25%

stonedjesus, March 18th, 2006

Sadus - Out For Blood (2006)

What a shame... This album is a huge letdown and the absolute worst "comeback" thrash album in recent history. Scratch that, this is far from thrash, this is nu metal.

25/100? What's so bad about it? : For starters Darren Travis (vocals/guitars) is the weakest link. Where are the riffs? Guitars here are low in the mix and contribute little more than half-assed half-thrash nu-metal riffs this side of Testament. Riffs hadn't exactly been the focus of Sadus' attack for some time I suppose. But, the sheer lack of guitarwork/riffs is still a bit jarring. Underwhelming and uninteresting. Vocals are a joke, of course 'Smackdown' is just plain embarrassing and the rest of this album follows suit. Monotonous "Get in da pit" lyrics, delivered unconvincingly. The Bass... Surely DiGiorgio will step up to the plate. Nope, he doesn't take charge as you might expect. The drumming isn't worth mention, standard stuff here. Some sampled electronics are thrown into a few songs but they are poorly done, and irritatingly repetitive. The mix is just plain weak, and the performances are weak, nothing stands out. It's as if each member of Sadus has resigned themselves to the background. No one wants to step up to the plate. So what do we get... Half-thrash nu metal ala Testament or a much weaker Torturer (Chile).

To recap: 'Out For Blood' is a truly embarrassing stain on a previously respectable string of releases coming from Sadus. This is far from an evolution of sound, or a foray into experimentalism. It's a 'safe', predictable and lifeless nu-thrash album. Avoid at all costs.