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World Wrestling Intros Caught on Tape!!! - 5%

lord_ghengis, August 26th, 2007

This the greatest thing ever recorded. Seriously, this comes across with the same level as humour that Anal Cunt had on Picnic of Love. It's hilarious opposite of what they do usually, instead of killing posers, they opted to make poser styled mallcore. It's a pisser. Well, I hope it's a pisser, because otherwise Sadus has gone mighty downhill. Actually, it's a bigger fall than a hill, this is like downcliff.

Basically, this is Sadus doing a collection of tracks for a wrestling theme song collaboration, or at least that's what it sounds like. Every song is an introduction to a new wrestler. "Smackdown" is the bad guy, "No More" is the good guy, rebelling against the bad guy, "Down" is the small lightweight guy with courage and guts, and "Freak" is a guy in a silly costume. Seriously, they fit perfectly to the moulds.

All jokes aside, this is a terrible, terrible release. With nothing worthwhile on offer. I mean nothing, not a cool thrashy riff, no stand out vocal lines, no insane drumming, hell it’s not even catchy. Apart from having one of my favourite bassists of all time in the band, there are no positives whatsoever. I don't like to use the words poser and Nu Metal when talking about metal bands, because lets face it, it's not generally applied correctly, and tends to be another word for "I don't like it, it's not very heavy". But to be honest, the most fitting description I can think of for this album is, "The worst piece of poser nu Metal ever recorded". No joke, Slipknot have less poser in them than this album does.

It's not just that it's slow, or that it's not thrash, or even true metal, it's not that it grooves, it's not that the amazing skill the band had is not present here, Sadus truly kill themselves because they sound serious about this. All the lyrics, as terrible as they are, seem real, not like a big joke as I want to believe so much. This is just a disgrace. Every time I hear this I have to struggle to remember that this band put out "Illusions".

I know that I've been focussed on what's changed since the good old days, and not really on what's going on here. And that's because not a lot is. Darren sounds ok, not great, but he's hardly putting in a terrible performance, of course the lyrics are a-fucking-bysmal, I don't need to give examples, just read down into some other reviews. Or just look at the song lyrics. Every single one is as bad as the last. The riffs are non-existent. Seriously, many of the riffs here are worse than most Nu Metal acts. No joke, simple chugs at the same speed as the vocals. It's terrible. There's the odd thrashier riff here and there, but really, they basically seem like faster groove riffs. I like my groove metal. But these are musical cancer.

The drumming is so boring it makes me want to cry when I remember the fun times that Jon Allen had given us in years gone by. Of course, DiGiorgio is passable, and I have nothing bad to say about him. But he's just on, really quite insignificant element of an otherwise painful entity.

I know it has the word Sadus on the cover, and from past experience it's enough to warrant a listen, but trust me, things have gone wrong. So very, very wrong. Ignore it, and hope for the band to announce Out For Blood was a joke in the near future, otherwise, another great band has gone to hell.