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Sadus makes their comeback - 75%

davidian998, May 14th, 2006

Classic thrash, a genre that was started back in the eighties by big names like Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax. Sadus has always been a bit of an underdog though, they got big through tapetrading back in the day and this exposure eventually got them signed to Roadrunner. They released a few killer albums which are unfortunately totally out of print nowadays. Their most recent real album was way back in 1997. After that they disappeared.

Now, Sadus is back with 'Out For Blood'. The old school thrash sound remains intact and a few new experimental elements have been added to the music in the form of samples mixed with the guitarplay giving some of the songs a little extra edge. This also makes the record sound a bit more modern as a whole. Sadus has legendary bassist Steve Digiorgio in it's ranks, Digiorgio has played with very big bands like Death and Iced Earth in the past and is also the bassist for Testament. His influence on the music is a big one and that can be heard throughout the album. 'Out For Blood' opens with a track that has some razorsharp riffing, instantly making you know that Sadus is coming back strong. The vocals are still the same as they've always been, a bit raspy at times but they blend in nicely with the music. The speed of the album overall, speed you would expect from thrash, is a bit lacking however, it's not that fast this time around.

There are a few weaker tracks like 'Smackdown' which I didn't like a lot, but other very good songs, like 'Cursed', complete with an Arabian tinged intro sound make up for that. The best song on the album comes last though, a brutal song with a catchy chorus that includes guest vocals from Testament's Chuck Billy. Overall this is a good comeback album for Sadus, it's not a masterpiece, but it's very enjoyable. 'Out For Blood' is a decent old school thrash release for 2006.

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