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Modern, technical, very good - 86%

captain_blade, March 17th, 2006

Sadus have always been a "technical" thrash band in my opinion...Even in the early days. Not lame, over-technical like Watchtower, but just more complex and a bit harder to initially identify with than bands like Metallica or Slayer.

Though they have slowed a bit with each successive release since the killer, fast as lightning "Chemical Exposure", they still bring good riffs, great vocals and highly listenable songs to each album. Out for Blood is no exception.

Darren Travis has a charismatic vocal style and is always fun to listen to. He's still belting out pissed off yells, and drawn out, throaty screams in this album, just like each album prior. Still, he's lost a bit of overall quality in his voice, most likely due to age.

His guitar playing is good, but not exceptional, on this release, while Steve Digiorgio's bass is excellent as always. Drums are proficient, nothing wrong there.

The songs are good to listen to but lack the musical, and especially lyrical depth of 1998's Elements of Anger...Especially the song Smackdown, which I hope wasn't intended to be played on pro wrestling, but could be. Everytime I hear this one I envision the band deciding that it might be in their best interest to come out with at least one nu-metalesque song for the new album. Many bands have been known to do this over the years. Just throw in one "radio" song in hopes to make a little bit of money...Anyways, this song's a bit corny and stupid in my book.

As for the rest of the album...I mean yeah, a bit of numetal sound here...But more like the mid-paced technical stuff from Elements than nu.

A good album, worth listening to. Nothing spectacular, still way better than numerous other recent releases by metal bands who originated in the 80's (Destruction, Overkill, Nuclear Assault).

I like the modern, clear, smooth production and the occasional synthesized sound effect thrown in for an added flare. If you liked Elements of Anger than you'll like this one...probably not more however.