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Not as bad as you may think - 97%

bloodstainedritual6, February 25th, 2009

I know that a lot of people do believe that this album is a piece of shit, so I’m going to explain briefly why I gave this score to the album. First of all, you have to consider that this is the first Sadus record since 1997, so it is more than obvious that their style is totally different than the one they used to have in olden times, I think that it is different but not worse than the old Sadus style.

“Out for blood” was one of the most waited metal releases in 2006 and many people were pretty upset with the album because they thought it would be like the old style, which is totally impossible just because anything in the world changes and a band such as Sadus or Metallica is not the exception. The album is very enjoyable, once you start listening to it you will realize that it’s an album with an incredible production, amazing riffs, cool bass solos and very good lyrics such as the ones dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner in the song named “Freedom”. There are also some other songs that have amazing lyrics such as “Down”, which describes a typical murder with a revolver, “Sick”, that’s talks about a guy with a mental disease, there are other ones which are not so easy to interpretate like in the name of….

In addition, this album is totally aggressive and it may gives you a sensation of anger and satisfaction at the same time ‘cause it is a weird style of classical thrash metal mixed with death, technical metal and electronic parts, which are not my favorites, creating a fantastic combination of music styles.

On the other hand, I have to agree with people who hate the album, that the synthesizer parts are somehow annoying when you listen to the album for the first time; In fact, they are not good at all. In my point of view, they are not cohesive with the Sadus Style, for example, the introduction of the song called “No More” is just fucking queer and you may think that you’ll hear Techno music after that introduction. In better words, it’s irritating.

I really like this album, even though it has those horrible synthesizer parts, I think Out for Blood is something unique in modern metal music because it combines thrash metal, death metal, technical and electronic part in an awesome way, that’s why it deserves a 97.

Recommended tracks: In the Name of.., Out for Blood, Down, Freak and of course Freedom, which is the best one in my opinion.