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Very Good Comeback! - 90%

SCMugen, March 31st, 2006

The twenty first century is the time for comebacks. Especially for thrash bands – Exodus reunited and released Tempo of The Damned, Atheist reformed for a couple of festivals, so did Heathen in 2001 and Laaz Rockit in 2005. Sadus also made a comeback in 2004, performed with Cannibal Corpse and Hirax on a couple of festivals. Then the band returned to the studio after nine years and recorded the subject of this review – Out For Blood.

The album starts with "In The Name Of…", a 6:10 minute-reminder to anyone who dared to miss – Sadus are back! Some pretty nice riffs right from the very first second, along with the fantastic bass lines of Steve DiGiorgio. You can clearly hear on this song that the vocals changed on this record, to the more rough side, more deathish than in Sadus' previous albums.

The next tune, "No More" starts with some marching beats and some electronic samples that soon disappear into a start-stop riff. Although the start-stop riff style belongs to the nu-metal realm, its pretty neat and combines well with the catchy chorus. There are some technical thrash riffs as well, which makes this song a perfect example of the modern-classic combination Sadus tries to accomplish in this album.
The third song, "Smackdown", is probably the only disappointing song in this album. Fits the title though, it sounds like the nu-metal songs you tend to hear in professional wresting arenas rather than the ball-crushing bone-breaking skull-smacking thrash material you expect to hear from a band like Sadus.

On we move to the fourth song, and the title song, "Out For Blood". This is defiantly one of this album's best moments – classic thrash piece which shows that although Sadus took a 9 years break, they can still pull off some riffs and catchy lyrics. Another song that demonstrates the more classic approach is "Sick", with some fast technical riffs, great drumming and outstanding bass work by DiGiorgio.

Another mentionable song in this album is "Freedom". Features some decent riffs and screams right on the start, followed by a couple of solos around the third minute. After the fourth minutes kicks in the song takes a midpace turn for a short period, and then right back to the faster technical riffs from the beginning.

"Cursed", the longest track in the record, starts with soothing bird and sea waves samples, accompanied by an acoustic guitar intro and more electronic samples. The distortion kicks in close to the end of the second minute with a great midpaced riff and awesome bass lines. The track speeds up until its peak when Darren starts singing. The song ends the way it started, with electronic and sea samples.

The last track of this album, "Crazy", features a guest appearance of Chuck Billy from Testament, who sings along with Darren Travis through the whole piece. Chuck really gives this song an interesting touch, which fits exactly the great work done in this song, instrument-wise.

The album ends with the repeated line "Am I crazy?" and its well placed – You must be crazy if you call yourself a thrash fan and didn’t rush to buy this album the second it got out. Its not the best thrash piece ever, but it is certainly a good album and a great comeback album that hopefully will help revive the thrash scene from the ashes!