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What the fuck?! - 16%

Mungo, February 23rd, 2007

With this release Sadus basically decided that, well, seeing as how a lot of people today are playing shitty, downtuned, untalented shit they should do the same. Quite a strange way of thinking considering the title of their first demo really. Like the reviewer before me, I was taken aback by this record, as although I've only heard a few Sadus songs from their earlier records I can say this sounds nothing like they used to.

What it does sound like is a fucking Korn album. Shitty synthesizers, repetitive, simple riffs that a monkey could've farted out of his arse, and stupid lyrics that are supposed to sound 'threatening' to make up for the poor attempts at making anything musical. There is one alright track on here however, and that track is the first song, 'In the Name of...'. Starting off with a bass intro, it evolves into some fast riffing until about two minutes in, when one of the worst attempts at a thrash break I have ever heard appears, which consists of some shitty groove riff with the vocalist shouting 'in the name of' over and over again. It picks up again to where it was before with a a pretty good riff before leading out with some more groove. So yeah, it's not that good a song, but if the whole album were like this it would at least be something resembling thrash. After the song is finished, the quality of release falls of a cliff, with the rest of it consisting of fucking mallcore. From the laughter inducing stupidity of 'Down' to the pathetic Korn-like 'riffing' in 'No More', this fails to do anything right. And then there is 'Smackdown'. This must be the shittiest song released in the last five years or so that has at least some relation to metal, and when you consider it was written by a what used to be a fucking technical thrash band, it makes it even worse. How the fuck was this piece of shit released? It starts off with a pointless, one minute intro which bores the listener, before descending into 'riffing' that is worse than Korn's. Enough have been said about the lyrics, so I won't delve further down into that, but they truly are as bad as people say they are.

Then I could go into the terrible attempts at soloing, the ear grating production and the unaggressive vocal performance, but really there's no point. Unless they manage to focus on the one song they did right on here ('In the Name of...') for inspiration for further albums, this band are beyond hope now. If you like mallcore, this album is very recommended, as it contains all the element which make up an album of one. If you are thinking of picking this up expecting it will be full of some great technical thrash save your money for something worthwhile. A terrible album whichever way you look at it, and probably one of the worst albums of 2006.