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Great music for fans of The Haunted and Soilwork! - 20%

GlitchMetal, August 1st, 2006

As I said, for fans of Soilwork/The Haunted (mainly their riffing and production), this is for you. Also, fans of Korn and Hatebreed are advised to check this one out! For fans of real thrash metal, stay clear. This is another album that has received several good and even great reviews by a semi-large number of people. In reality, there is more bad material than good, the bad is at times unimaginably horrid, and even the good, isn't that good.

Musically, there are several issues. The album opens up an on "ok" note. The first track (In The Name Of...) starts off with a pointless intro, and then picks up with the riffs and bass. These riffs are kind of like older Sadus, yet less heavy. There are a couple interesting riffs on this song, but as a thrash metal song it is really weak, There's no heaviness to the riffs at all, really. The bass lines are technically interesting, but at times sound "funky" in an annoying and anti-thrash type way. Overall its a pretty worthless song, and the occasional synthesizer on this song makes it worse.

Those comments above don't seem to justify a rating like 33, as the conclusion was basically "weak" and "mediocore". Next we have the reason the album's score is so low (not so much the song itself, but the tone it sets for the rest of the album). "No More" has a synthy intro that again is pretty fucking lame. I am wondering if I am going to hear the same weak riffs as before, but no! Instead with have our good friend, mr. CHUG riff. Yeah, this is awful. The song is slow/mid-paced, with absolutely no original riff-writing to be found. The riffs basically sound an even less metal version a Mnemic, combined with a chorus structure similar to Hatebreed...and what the fuck are those noises all-throughout the track!? Its almost insulting that they may have thought these noises could "improve the song" Unfortunately, this isn't the worst track on the album.

That worst track, is the #3 potential mallcore anthem "smackdown". What the fuck is this riffing? Again, fans of Soilwork may find this "h3avy as fvck" or "br00tal", but any real thrash metal listener, or metal fan in general will recognize this total shit. Imagine Pantera riffing, with less variation, and an added degree of numetal. Pantera were never truly thrash to begin with, and this is further from it than them. Why don't I point out the intelligence level of this track as well? With lyrics like "Show some respect, better come correct, can’t eject....What did you expect, twist your neck " can this song possibly be good? Of course not. The "intelligence" continues with "When you feel the meltdown, Then you start to break down " and hey, speaking of breakdowns......well, forget it. In one last attempt to convince people how "tough" they are, the lines "Talking trash, you wanna clash " and "I’ll kick you mother fuckin’ ass" appear. Holy hell, if that isn't childish and mallcore-style writing, then Hatebreed should be added to this site under the "thrash/crossover" genre.

Out for, begining with more weak "riffs" and bass lines that really are only so easy to hear because of the said weakness of those "riffs". All I am going to say after that, is the riff at about 49 seconds reminds me of Korn. Speaking of Korn-styled riffs, how about 43 seconds into the 8th "freedom" Isn't that just fantastic?

As bad as those riffs/songs were, Smackdown was clearly the worst. Yes, thats right, I said "was". I had Ironically (on accident at the time) skipped #7 "down".
Wow, I wished I hadn't noticed my "error". The song immediately starts out with "can't bring me DOWN!" and as he says "DOWN" the complete nu-metal-riffing enters. This isn't even the weakness of bands such and Machine Head or lamb of god, its WORSE. This is probably one of the worst songs I have ever heard. The riffs literally sound as if they were stolen straight from Korn, with probably even less variation. There is a "solo" which may impress those fans of Korn, who are not used to guitar solos, but its completely worthless.

The vocals on this album are weak, lame, and at times what I would call "bitchy". These vocals are "enhanced" by synthesizers, which add another negative element to the album. Certain songs on the album are slightly faster, but still either keep a very weak and backgrounded guitar tone, or a muddy, nu-metal styled one. The lyrics are mostly all-out nu-core "I |-|4T3 U" styled ones, and while they can't rival the horridness of Annihilator's newest album, they're still pretty fucking bad. Speaking of Annihilator's newest "album", the riffs on here are even worse. This album gets 5 points for an extremely limited set of half-interesting riffs, 5 points for a small degree of technicality shown in the lead work, 5 points for the lame, yet also semi-technical bass-lines, and 5 points for the vocalist not being Jonathon Davis. There you have it, a 20. This is another damned anti-thrash comeback that is being praised by morons. Not only is this not thrash, but a couple of the songs would stand out as weak-points of a hatebreed album.
Congratulations Sadus! You suck!