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one of the funniest metal albums ever - 25%

Axis_Corpsefucker, August 20th, 2006

Ok, what the fuck is this? I must admit I've never heard of Sadus up until this point but from what i've heard, i thought Sadus was supposed to be this ultra technical thrash metal band. I was expecting something along the lines of oldschool slayer from these guys but when i got this album as a gift i almost died of laughter.

First off the lyrics just does it for me. I almost died when i heard them sing "Smack down!!" What the hell is that!? The really funny part of the song is that they repeat "smack down" over and over again and I could just tell they're really serious about it. Another hilarious part of the song is "Talking trash, you wanna clash ,I’ll kick you mother fuckin’ ass, There’s no way, it’s not your day, So go away, that’s what I say Smackdown!"
a fourth grade ryhme scheme with the word "day", I played this song for my 12 year old cousin and even he was embarrased to listen to it. "dude, turn it off, thats really gay"

Fred Durst could even come up with better lyrics than "there's too many people in this world! there's too many people in this world!" another shining moment in comedy metal. And also, what the fuck is Chuck Billy doing in this album!? He appears in a song called "Crazy" which is just slow and boring, and ends with the lines "Am i crazy? Am I crazy? am I crazy? am I crazy?" repeating over and over while panning left to right.

Frankly, these lyrics just seem to be written by a twelve year old goth girl, theres no substance in them at all. The musicianship is ok, the bass is awesome though, but thats just about it. Theres a sprinkle of experimental noises mixed in, which makes it interesting but when you're listening to this while the vocals are going " No more thoughts of you, I’m through with you, I curse you dead" its just lame.

This deserves a 0 but i gave it a 25 becuase the songs "Smack Down" and "Sick" are really funny. Just check those out for novelty's sake.