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Sadus > Elements of Anger > Reviews > Hames_Jetfield
Sadus - Elements of Anger

Elements of Senselessness - 46%

Hames_Jetfield, August 5th, 2022

The decline in interest in thrash metal and death metal after around 1993 caused the Americans of slow down a bit. During this time, they narrowed the line-up to a trio (Rob Moore left the band) and composed new material very gradually (of which 3 songs were released in 1994 as the "Red Demo" cassette), directing into clearly lighter regions than their previous albums. After such moves it was not difficult to conclude that with the release of "Elements Of Anger" Darren Travis' band decided to push technical thrash/death aside, and to put much more accessible and much less aggressive sounds. However, like maaany others, they clearly lost in all these drastic changes.

Well, "Elements Of Anger" - contrary to the title - breaks with the wildness and twisted technique from previous albums, and instead offers frequent, slow creating of climate, numerous clean guitars inserts, a lot of medium paces, calm (?) fragments and keyboard interferences reminiscent of Nocturnus (but without good feeling for kitsch). And even if it was to show the greater versatility of these musicians, many of these "novelties" simply do not fit into their older patents, and the whole cd lacks a clearly defined concept. On one side, therefore, there are quite concrete "Fuel", "Aggression" and "Power Of One", while on the other side, there is a total lack of ideas for reconciling thrash/death patents with those lighter ones, which is exemplified by "Unreality", "In The End", "Words Of War" and "Crutch", songs that may cause embarrassment (mainly due to keyboards). Darren's vocals (apart from the whispered ones), solo parts, bass or "fleshy" production sounds good on "Elements...", but all this, unfortunately, does not blur the overall, too subdued atmosphere of this disc.

After the release of "A Vision Of Misery", Americans from Sadus made to wait quite a long time for their successor, and when it finally came out, the new music did not break through the level of its predecessor. First of all, the group lost itself too much in non-extreme patents and decided to drop a large part of its characteristic technical speeding somewhere in the background. Therefore, "Elements Of Anger" is not particularly suitable for everyday listening.

Originally on A bit of metal