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Stand for it's title! - 82%

Human666, July 8th, 2007

This demo sounds like three german thrashers had been locked in a room for a very long time and listened to Slayer's debut (Show No Mercy) constantly. Then they finally got out of the room and drank some good beers and had been asked to try reproduce the riffs they heard from their subconscious. When they finally succeed to write some riffs down and eventually wrote six songs from all the material they had, they had been asked to record it. When they finally finished to record it, their studio had been blowen out by some stupid posers who played outside with fire and exploded all the area. Armed and dangerous they kicked these poser's asses down and found a new studio. With all their anger inside, they recorded everything again, but due to the last few events, it sounded much more aggressive and faster then it had to be, with tons of brutality and intensity drown into one tape, and so the DTP demo was born!

(Side note: all of the above apparently had never happened, but it was a sort of a stupid foreword which suppose to demonstrate you how this demo sounds. Oh, and they aren't really germans, but hell they really sounds like the lost twins of Kreator!)

'Death To Posers' contains six songs, each of them is pretty short and straightforward. Grabs your neck with it's tons of headbangable riffs and throws you constantly to the wall at amazingly fast tempo of 500BPM and leaves your head half broken, but surely satisfied.

Harsh vocals, mindblowing riffage and savage drumming. You like thrash? You'll like this one too. The production is dirty and raw, suitable for the traditional thrash demo tape. From the moment you'll play it until it over you can't avoid the manic ecstasy that will take you down and force you to headbang like a bastard. Something more to say? Oh yeah, it's definitely not for posers, I think that the title is pretty understandable.