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Short, but pretty good - 77%

Human666, July 8th, 2007

There is not much to tell about this demo. It contains only two tracks and one of them will be in their debut album 'Illusions'.

However, these tracks are quiet enjoyable thrashpieces. Uncomplicated and aggressive riffage, blasting drums work which fits pretty well the guitar and adds some solid fills to the riffs, and of course, insane vocals by Darren Travis which sounds maniac as usual. No slow moments here, only brutal thrash attack at blazing speed. The sound doesn't have enough steadiness, it sounds quite harsh and raw, but a more solid production could be more useful for this material.

Anyway, I suggest you to get the reissued version of 'Death To Posers' demo and this one. It's have more tracks and worth the price more than this one. Not bad at all, but quite short!