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Sadorass - Strength and Wisdom

Put some hair (and a Sowulo) on your chest... - 80%

Jimmy Calhoun, September 18th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2002, 12" vinyl, Christhunt Productions (Limited edition)

Continuing on loosely from my Massenvernichtung review of a few months ago, I’ve decided to tackle the sole full-length from this one-man German project. Like many of his countrymen, S.’s discography (whether by necessity or preference) consists primarily of material spread across various demos and 7-inches, including a split with Branstock which I’ve recently added to my vinyl collection. In common with a decent-sized chunk (but by no means a majority) of Christhunt Productions’ catalog, S. tends to wear his philosophical/political stance on his sleeve, albeit subtly enough to skirt German law. The album opens with a spoken sample from James Mason (not the famed British actor, the *other* James Mason) and ends with one from Charles Manson, and although the lyrics are probably largely indecipherable even to a German-speaker, Sadorass’s clear musical debt to Absurd gives some idea of where S. is coming from. This is simple, aggressive music whose lo-fi production job gives it a distinct garage-punk feel, but whose basic style is mostly rooted in rocking, midtempo black metal.

Despite starting off inauspiciously with an overlong ambient noise/spoken-word intro, the LP release of ‘Strength and Wisdom’ is quite satisfying for its short length. The songs contain, at most, a few riffs each, but don’t hang around long enough to get boringly repetitive. Typical for this brand of German BM, S.’s vocals are a hoarse, angry snarl, again not unlike the harsh vocals used by Absurd. The song titles include the obligatory references to pagan/occult runes and concepts – not to mention Leni Riefenstahl – and as if the musical connection weren’t obvious enough, the album features a cover of “Werwolf” as a bonus track. Ultimately, if you’re not too bothered by the philosophies explored and/or advocated here, ‘Strength and Wisdom’ should be worth a listen for most people who enjoy the rawer side of the genre, from ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ to Satanic Warmaster and beyond. Having quite the soft spot for this little LP, I wish I could rate it even higher, but it doesn’t quite reach the highest echelon of Germany’s black metal scene. Regardless, anyone with an interest in said scene out to acquire this at some point.