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Weird death metal - 85%

we hope you die, July 4th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, La Caverna Records (Limited edition)

Finland. As close as we’ll ever come to metal’s promised land. Boasting the highest number of metal bands to per capita than any other country, any random sample of the best artists Finland has to offer will yield a crop as varied as it is bizarre. And Sadistic Drive do not buck the trend in this regard. Their demo ‘Street Cannibal Gluttony’ (2019) is four tracks of progressive death metal that behaves like grindcore.

‘Can you elaborate on that mate?’


There’s barely ten minutes worth of music to discuss across four tracks. Compositionally we are presented with four micro tracks that are not allowed time to develop, a key calling card of grindcore. But much of the music is constructed from dissonance, literally playing major and minor chord progressions and leads in unison. This calls to mind an incredibly ugly version of Morbus Chron’s LP ‘Sweven’ (2014), which made similar use of unsettling chord shapes, but offset this with more pleasing and familiar scale runs.

Drums are heavy on the bass, sometimes utilising the toms and crash cymbal to as primary rhythm keeper over the snare drum. Each roll and fill is used to maximise the impact and drama packed within each staccato. But generally the tempo is pretty slow for death metal. It calls to mind Darkthrone’s ‘Soulside Journey’, and indeed, the vocals would be at home on a black metal album, lumbered as they are with totally inappropriate amounts of reverb.

All this results in something akin to Autopsy’s most disturbed fever dreams from the far side of the void. I would also cite Demilich as the other major influence on this music. With so much potential crammed into such a short space of time, we can only anticipate a more expanded EP or full length from these guys in the near future. Thoroughly promising weird death metal in the Lovecraftian tradition.

Originally published at Hate Meditations