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French Face Melting Speed - 82%

Neheroth, February 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, Cassette, Independent

France has never been somewhere one looks for speed. Sure there were a horde of traditional metal acts throughout the 80's, such as High Power, Sortilege, Blaspheme and ADX with the latter being the only band I'm aware of that has come close to the crown, yet none truly encapsulated the blazing fires of speed metal. That was until Sacrifizer burst out onto the scene, leaving a trail of razor shredded posers in their wake!

Whilst not treading any new ground in the current retro black/thrash/speed scene, Sacrifizer has lain down an opening barrage of power right out of the gates. Similar in style to Deathhammer, Vulture, and Stalker; especially the last band, Sacrifizer put pure speed at the front of their sound, though they display hints of black metal here and there. High powered falsetto screams, vicious lead guitar licks, roaring rhythms, and killer drum patterns are the main order here, with no fucks given to atmosphere or pretentious lyrical themes, just how it should be.

Night of the Razors goes for the throat as soon as it starts playing, beginning with the self-titled opening track, you know immediately that Sacrifizer isn't messing around. Sexumer's vocals are on point, switching from possessed babbles to scorching shrieks, which are showcased best on the opening track. My only gripe with the vocals is how similar they are to other bands that do them better, Deathhammer is an excellent example of this. That being said there is a lot of room to grow in this area, so don't let that turn you off.

"Grim Torment" follows the same blazing trail left by the first, not letting the pace down for a second and the solo at the end of the track is stupendous. The guitar composition is impressive, and with two guitars, both handled by Night Reaper and Steel Grinder respectively, the lead melodies are never neglected for the black metal melodic shredding, and vice versa. This allows for a veritable feast of face melting riffs that will leave you air guitaring even in your sleep.

The final track "Profane Forces" ends the demo in the same way its forbearers started it, with a barbed hammer of violent speed. The rhythm section of this track is especially tight, Lethal's drumming is on point and works with the lead melodies set by the guitars perfectly. Lethal's mastery of the double bass is especially extraordinary, as well as the maddening pace he keeps the rest of the band playing too, with intricate and catchy snare patterns playing at such velocity as to invite derangement. The same can be said for the bass, handled by session musician JC Kien on this release, it takes away nothing from the structure and only seeks to enhance the rest of the mix.

Production wise Night of the Razors sounds like stainless steel, bright and immediate. Everything sits well with each other in the mix, with nothing detracting from anything else and showing competence in song structure on this front. In conclusion, Sacrifizer is a catchy speed band ready to contend with their contemporaries from the get-go and are more than a simply faster version of Stalker. Now, with an EP on the horizon, it looks as though their speed-fueled infectious insanity will likely set the world ablaze.