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Cute I guess - 75%

Noktorn, January 1st, 2011

Sacrificial Blood's style was basically industrialized at this point in the band's career: oldschool death/thrash metal borrowing heavily from playbooks like 'Seven Churches' and 'Scream Bloody Gore'. The original track on this side takes an even thrashier tone than usual, with an almost Sodom tinge that pleases a Teutonic thrasher like me. I think this might have been done to match up with their split partner, but either way, the result is solid and the Massacre cover is... well, I guess it's about as close as you can get without just listening to the original. A fun little side for the oldschool death/thrashers who wanted more after the Zombie split.

Trasher's style is more along the lines of oldschool crossover, and I think in this case they win out on the split a bit with the ranting vocals and snappy riffing. 'Radioactive Squid' is the stronger of the two tracks, with its sudden, twisting rhythm changes. Trasher's a fun band, but the production quality could be improved; the overly loud bass and sort of misplaced vocals rob the music of some of its power. I'm sure it was a practice space job, but still, everything needs a little more wetness to come across properly. Still, another solid pair of tracks from Trasher.

Do you like oldschool death and/or thrash metal? Then go buy this and stop annoying me on Facebook.