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Cute I guess - 75%

Noktorn, January 1st, 2011

Sacrificial Blood's style was basically industrialized at this point in the band's career: oldschool death/thrash metal borrowing heavily from playbooks like 'Seven Churches' and 'Scream Bloody Gore'. The original track on this side takes an even thrashier tone than usual, with an almost Sodom tinge that pleases a Teutonic thrasher like me. I think this might have been done to match up with their split partner, but either way, the result is solid and the Massacre cover is... well, I guess it's about as close as you can get without just listening to the original. A fun little side for the oldschool death/thrashers who wanted more after the Zombie split.

Trasher's style is more along the lines of oldschool crossover, and I think in this case they win out on the split a bit with the ranting vocals and snappy riffing. 'Radioactive Squid' is the stronger of the two tracks, with its sudden, twisting rhythm changes. Trasher's a fun band, but the production quality could be improved; the overly loud bass and sort of misplaced vocals rob the music of some of its power. I'm sure it was a practice space job, but still, everything needs a little more wetness to come across properly. Still, another solid pair of tracks from Trasher.

Do you like oldschool death and/or thrash metal? Then go buy this and stop annoying me on Facebook.

The ultimate radioactive revenge! - 95%

Werewolf, April 24th, 2009

This is another 7” I surprisingly found in a local records store, and damn – I’m so pleased with it! Usually I’m not much into 7”’s since it’s a pain in the ass for me to turn the side after just a few minutes of listening, but sometimes it’s better to have some bands’ music in small doses, which won’t let you get bored with the music and think that it’s repetitive.

This is the case with the band Trasher, which plays some killer fast and furious Thrash/Crossover. The most interesting part of their music is the bass – it’s as high tuned as the guitar, if not more, and it results sounding fuckin’ great! I guess it’s not hard to get the idea what the songs tell about by looking at their titles – “Army of Darkness” and “Radioactive Squid”. There is a picture of the band in the insert where the bassassin is shown with a killer B.C. Rich Beast, while the axe player can hardly be seen and I guess that it’s not a coincidence, but there are still some cool guitar solos here as well by the way. All in all – this is a really pleasant part of the split and I like the fact that it’s delivered in a small dose I can’t get bored with, since I’m not a big crossover lover and I don’t listen to much of it, though I’m really glad to discover this bassy band. 9/10

So Trasher was a nice surprise for me, but actually I bought this 7” because I wanted to hear Sacrificial Blood’s stuff, since I heard that they play good Oldschool Death Metal. And I was definitely not disappointed! There is 1 original song here called “Revenge”, which reminds me of “From Beyond” era Massacre with the fat guitars sound, deep growls and sharp solos.

The second song is a cover of… MASSACRE… This is on the one hand not a surprise, but the choice of the song is pretty unexpected for me, since they covered the song “Mutilated” from Massacre’s debut demo “Aggressive Tyrant”. I heard the original version of this song on the “Tyrants of Death” release and I must admit that I prefer Sacrificial Blood’s version over the original, since the cover is recorded and produced with a much better quality (though I bet that NO ONE will EVER be able to do a cover of CORPSEGRINDER that will sound more killer than the original, haha!).

Simply great, well done stuff! It’s really pity that this band recently decided to split up! 10/10 for Side B, 95/100 for the whole release.