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Forever Classic - 100%

ArtOfWar, May 13th, 2004

Technically, this can be considered Sacrificial's debut album, since their "Sacrificial Combustion" release was a self financed EP rather then a full-length. Regardless, this is one of the best Thrash/Death Metal albums I have ever heard. This is foot stomping, head banging Thrash that just puts a smile on your face, and a rage in your heart. Sacrificial is so capable musically of reeling you in with it's blazing riff work, and then bashing your brains to goo with the angry as hell vocals of John Hansen. You can't help but get into this album, and it holds up to repeated listenings. Throw in an awesome Paw Nielsen cover painting, and you have an absolutely essential need for your metal collection.

Other then this album, I never saw any other relases from Trechoma Productions, but I would assume they have been long out of the scene. This one is one of the rarest of the rare, and I haven't seen it being sold or auctioned anywhere in years. if you're gonna track this one down, I wish you luck.