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Where it starts - 86%

ANGELRIPPER89, January 26th, 2006

This album is great. Don't get it wrong by all those negative people afraid of wild records like this. If you're a true metal fan, you will have no problem with Torment In Fire. There are many other records that have a shittier sound than this and they're still great, i.e. "Campo De Extermin├Čo", "Immortal Force", "Sexual Carnage", "War And Pain", etc....

I personally prefer their second album over this, but it's still fucking killer. The sound is raw, the vocals are demented, and the songs sometimes sound out of control. Great punkish attitude is in the last part of album, giving it an aggressive atmosphere to finish the record.

Except for the silly intro, the songs are all very good, especially the first ones that have all awesome riffs with a great vocal performance. The best is obviously Turn In Your Grave. Dudes, this track rips. A lot. From the cool Iron Maiden-like intro to the end, it bashes and slashes everything. A very good thrasher.

I must agree that sometimes the vocals are a bit silly. In tracks Necronomicon and Decapitation, they don't really do it for me. I still love those songs, but the vocals sound out of place.

If you worship old/evil thrash metal, this is the album you need to get to compliment "Seven Churches", "Morbid Visions" and "Immortal Force". You also need to know that this album is an important piece of metal history as truly one of the first black/death/thrash metal record ever.