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The old masters give it one last shot - 71%

Abominatrix, October 24th, 2003

This is the final (comeback) album for these legendary thrashers from my home city of Toronto, Canada. In the 80s this band attained notable status along with fellow Torontonians Razor and Infernal majesty for being some of the heaviest thrash bands around. Sacrifice's debut album, "Torment In Fire" is recognized throughout the world as a milestone in extreme metal and may have been just as influential to the bands of today as Destruction or Sodom. A little patriotism on my part? Maybe...but this band deserves it.
So in 1993, Razor was more or less out of the picture, Infernal Majesty was trying to record new songs in the face of jailed vocalists and drummer problems, Sacrifice decided it was time to reintroduce the world to Canadian thrash. And they did a damn fine job, though frustratingly, no one seems to have taken notice. This album has everything a fine thrash album needs. The riffs are powerful juggernauts for the most part that make the head whip and the arms flail, the vocals are a bit unusual but very cool, the songs are memorable and to the point, and the! This guy has got to be one of the best skinsmen ever to play on a metal album; his control of the kit is jaw-dropping. There are lots of cool rythm shifts and the band is able to stop and start on a dime, which shows their years of eexperience playing this kind of music. Mostly, great as this album is, it isn't very experimental or's just a very fine example of an old formula worked to perfection. The band does play around a bit with slower sections and some clean vocals in one song, but I honestly prefer it when they are simply playing balls-out thrash. The difference between this and the old material is that the playing is tighter, the drumming is loads more busy and the production is thuroughly crystaline and modern. A lot of things might be said about this: that it's dated, that it's four years too late and completely irrelevant in 2003. But damnit, if bands just out of their diapers like Guilotine, Witchery, Swordmaster, etc, can get away with unadulterated and shameless thrash worship, why the hell can't a band that was there in the beginning show everyone how it's really done. If you like well-produced, professionally done and tight as hell thrash, buy this!