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Takes some getting used to - 76%

ADLombard, July 29th, 2004

Sacred Steel's Bloodlust is the first and only album of their's that I have purchaced, or intend to purchace for that matter. There are definatly some solid points to this album, but even once you get used to the vocalist this album is little more than background noise. Don't get me wrong there are some definate high points that other reviewers have pointed out, the best of them being that unlike some "fantasy metal" bands (Bal-Sagoth) their lyrics do not make me burst out laughing when i read them. Over all the album is solid with some very good work on the instraments especially the drums, even the vocals are fine once you get used to them. Sure they aren't exactly melodic, but shit we aren't talking about an opera here, we're talking metal. Once you get used to this that is what Sacred Steel is: metal. There's nothing wrong with it, but unless you're playing a D&D game where someone is running around with a magic sword named Stormhammer, this is hardly a clasic or eve a must buy. Just some decent metal, and thats fine with me.