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Kind of offensive, not enjoyable at all. - 10%

nuklearkrieg, November 26th, 2017

This is essentially power metal masquerading as BM. I think I could leave it at that and enough people would be wise enough to say, "cool, noted," and walk away. But I will try to describe why I found this music so repugnant (not the good kind).

Some positives first: Everything is played competently. There aren't any glaring "mistakes", and the music itself is produced ok. The vocals (pretty forgettable but competent rasps) are fine.

Unfortunately the negatives are really really glaring. This music is comprised of (many) chord progressions posing as riffs. And they aren't interesting chord progressions. I've never heard the first song before, but I could immediately hum the next chord before I even heard it. Cringe-worthy. You could see these notes coming from a mile away, and the "dark and sad" vibe they're going for are parody-level (is this a parody?). This music isn't cool at all. It's completely inaccessible, but in the worst possible way. People who enjoy Alestorm or Finntroll would dig the hell out of this.

There is no atmosphere to this music. The power metal comparison is again helpful. It's completely divided into parts, and nothing flows or creates any satisfying soundscapes. Unfortunately the parts aren't any really great riffs, just a confusing mess of really crappy guitar parts trying to convey generic BM tropes.

Slapping a BM logo on a Tinder profile picture is definitely a schtick to get one's music out, but if the music within the packaging is this unsuccessful, it's just doubly embarrassing. Swipe left.