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Don't let the album cover fool you.... - 100%

Spider_X, September 29th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Upon looking at this album cover, and then listening to the music contained within, you will not at all believe what you're hearing. For what we have here is quite frankly the first I've ever seen, the most un-blackest of any black metal album cover, period. I mean, come on... for one, the cover represents itself like a vacation photo, or something. A nice, beautiful sunny day! Then, you have the one sole member of this band Dane Cross, off to the left-hand side of the cover. He's got on a plain black t-shirt, wearing black sunglasses and he's fucking smiling (no corpse paint, or anything). I mean, seriously! Looks like he's standing a bit high above, before you see the beach off to the right-hand side. Then, you have his black metal logo, off to the upper right-hand side.

Only found out about this band earlier this afternoon. And, upon listening to it a few times, had to come here and review it right away! This album truly has floored me beyond what I initially thought going into it... I was like, “The hell!?”. But, of course I am open-minded, so I listened to it. And, not even after the second track was over, I bought the disc instantly! I was not at all disappointed with the rest of what I heard.

There are just four tracks on this album, and with this one, it starts off with “Cleave the Alicorn”, relentlessly powerful and with such strong, forceful emotion! Emotionally charged atmosphere is brought forth with the impassioned searing of the vocals. And, at certain points (00:40) and (00:56), and a few more parts of the song throughout, the riffs hit certain sounds of high level intensity that are just moving. I mean, I get chills at these specific points! The drums are quite powerful on this, as well. The riffs are just as insane!

The next track (and, also my favorite) is, “Apocalyptic Winter”. This one starts off very haunting, and with a dark tone to it, as well as giving off a very blistering cold feeling. This song is quite unique in the fact that when it hits at (01:46 to 03:04), I swear I'm listening to blackened thrash here. But, yet it fits with the rest of what I'm hearing. Nice blending effect, bringing in thrash to black metal. This song seems to go by pretty quickly, maybe because I just love this one so much. But, the drumming and the riffs are immensely fast on this track, save for close to the end. Then, it has a nice, painful dragging tone to it, including the vocals... everything, really slow. Nice!

While “Ethereal Light (Interlude)” is a very beautiful instrumental piece, “Sepulchral Ritual” is just straight up fast and mean! Dane is extremely forceful with his voice; and as you keep on listening to this album, it winds up becoming excessively mind-numbing. The album in its entirety is extremely overpowering in the fact that you can't believe after what you've just listened to has affected you in such a way! Because, for a first album from this guy, he brings forth the music of black metal in epic proportions! Appearances can be deceiving and with this one, you would sure think that Sacred Son's self-titled album would be that. You would not even think this to be a black metal album, save for the band logo. But, after you've listened to this, then go back to look at the cover, you know what? In all honesty, it actually makes perfect sense. This 'is' epic black metal. Nothing less.