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Somewhat forgotten, instant classic back then - 90%

morbert, April 5th, 2007

Sacred Reich were a well known name back in the day and quite popular. They didn’t play Dynamo two years in a row for nothing! Trust me, I was there, and they ruled. They ruled big time. Such a great liveband. More than how they are now sometimes remembered or looked down upon by people who weren’t there. A bit of a shame really….

‘cause in 1990 Sacred Reich were in the subtop and because of their great live perfomance and earlier releases, every selfrespecting thrash metal head was waiting anxiously for ‘The American Way’. Whereas ‘Ignorance’ was a good yet two-dimensional piece of unoriginal political left wing thrash metal, ‘The American Way’ managed to produce mosty midtempo thrash without losing power and evolving into their own sound. Agreed, the riffs are still mostly simple but really standing out, as always, are the more than excellent drums of Greg Hall (No wonder Slayer attempted to get this man!) and the charisma and character of Phil Rind’s vocals and lyrics. ‘Who’s To Blame’ and ‘Crimes Against Huminity’ are perfect examples of top of the bill 1990 metal lyrics. Also very catchy! And being catchy is not a bad thing here. So what if the average pace was lower.

It’s a shame Sacred Reich practically killed themselves later on with a lot of those weird groovemetal songs on ‘Independent’, not finding their form again until 1996’ “Heal” and silently leaving the scene.
‘The American Way’ was, is and will remain: great