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A Worthy Followup - 82%

grain_silo, July 31st, 2011

In 1987, Sacred Reich released an insane piece of thrash called “Ignorance”. In 1990, Sacred Reich released a pretty good piece of thrash called “The American Way”. Their second album is a pretty significant change in the way they wrote songs and a huge change in their attitudes.

First, the production is pretty much flawless. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, the bass is audible the whole time, and the drums sound pretty good. I do think the bass drum is too triggered, during the thrash parts, it just sound weird. It kind of sounds wet.

“Love…Hate” starts with a really heavy riff so you might think, “Oh sweet, this song is going to get fast and insane like the first album”, well if you said that, I’m sorry, you’re dead wrong. It pretty much stays one speed the whole time. While yes it is heavy, it lacks variation that I want. The same can be said about the title track. Again, it is very heavy and is a solid song, it just doesn’t go anywhere in terms of speed. One speed the whole time. “The Way it is” starts pretty fast, and stays this way. It’s not “Ignorance” fast but the riffs are fast. After the first three songs are done, these are the songs where the true thrash comes in. “Crimes Against Humanity” starts with an awesome drum intro, then about half way through the song, it breaks into some awesome thrash with an awesome solo. “State of Emergency” has a very upbeat happy sounding riff and is easily one of the best songs on here. This song also has some awesome thrash that comes in about half way. “I don’t Know” is just a pure thrasher. Pretty much fast the entire song which is desperately needed to counter act the first three. “Who’s to Blame” is the ballad with some speed. It’s a decent track but overall, pretty forgettable.

Now, comes the bad news. “31 Flavors”. I know they were trying to be different and funny but why the Hell would they actually include this?! This song blows. Terrible ‘funk’ song with terrible lyrics and overall just sucks. This album is a solid Sacred Reich album except for this song.

Lyrically Sacred Reich stayed kind of the same. Political stuff, I’m not big into the whole political thing but I guess they are good for what they are. It seems like the singer lightened up from “Ignorance” where on that album he seems like he just hated everything.

This album is good but just don’t listen to “31 Flavors”. This album has some good mid-paced songs and also some pretty good thrash on here.

Best tracks – “I Don’t Know”, “State of Emergency”, and “Crimes Against Humanity”