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One good song does not make an album! - 60%

Immortal666, April 26th, 2003

The year was 1993 and the mainstream music scene was opening up to the idea of accepting heavier forms of music. Bands like Ministry, Helmet, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and even Nirvana may not be metal bands but they all opened the ears of the mainstream crowd to music that's heavier than your standard MTV or radio programming would play.

Sacred Reich released this album that year and I remember the title track getting played almost weekly in MTV's Headbanger's Ball. "Independent" - the song is a throttling thrasher that pounds you senseless. I was psyched to find out that the album was released locally in my country.

True enough, repeated listenings of track one would bring similar results - each time sending me into a headbanging frenzy within nanoseconds. Then track two played and it bore a similar formula to the first single only not much better. Track three sounded the same and so on and so forth. What would break the monotony would be the slow, Sabbathy "Crawling" which was mildly interesting and the pseudo-ballad "I Never Said Goodbye" which fails being at being ballad because of Phil Rind's unconvincing vocals.

Thus, "Independent" turned out to be a monotonous experience. And the mainstream music scene didn't really warm up to heavy music at all. Ah, such disappointments...