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One of those great eighties live EP’s - 90%

morbert, November 18th, 2009

Oh yes, the days when D.O.A. gigs were often (partially) recorded and played next Tuesday evening on Vara’s Vuurwerk, a Dutch metal radio show. I still got so many tapes left from those days featuring live songs from bands which have disbanded long since and never released live EP’s or albums. Glorious days!

Sacred Reich’s 1989 Dynamo gig is one of the legendary ones. The band played well, the atmosphere and enthusiastic audience were great. I can imagine the fanatic collectors will have the 'Surf Ignorance'-box by now containing the video recordings of that show but back then we only had those radio shows and of course a few bands released official EP’s with Dynamo recordings, like the classic 1987 Testament EP or Forbidden’s Raw Evil.

Why the band or label choose to put a Black Sabbath cover from that show on the EP instead of an original track such as ‘Ignorance’ or ‘Administrative Decisions’ remains a mystery but I for one am not complaining since Sacred Reich’s version does sound great with Phil Rind on vocals. And so do all 4 tracks here honestly. The sound is great, the band played energetically and tightly.

Of course the video recordings of that show were made by amateurs with analogue home equipment so the sound and image on the 'Surf Ignorance'-box aren’t all that and for die-hards only. So that is what makes it worth tracking down this EP. To hear a few of those songs with a decent production. I myself would kill to get my hands on the whole soundboard recordings from that gig or that entire day for that matter!