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Another trip on this vessel should've been booked - 78%

slayrrr666, June 19th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Pitch Black Records

Continuing to bring their sound to it’s fullest, Greek epic power metal trio Sacred Blood fuse their epic sound with traditional folklore instruments for a rather large, impressive attack. With their Hellenic-centered lyrical topics now bringing their attention to telling the tale of Jason and the Argonauts throughout this concept album, the groups’ third full-length release was originally issued April 15, 2015 on Pitch Black Records.

Once this one gets going, there’s a great deal to really like here with the albums’ fiery blend of traditional heavy metal rhythms and lighter melodies being featured. This one really goes for a mostly generous mid-tempo style crunch that brings about a grand sense of majesty here through the melodic rhythms running alongside the chugging riff-work that conjures an epic soundscape quite easily throughout here. By going for the chugging patterns in the riff-work and focusing on keeping the riffing simplistic yet engaging creates their general sonic atmosphere here, and by going for this as the main stylistic attack it’s a generally one-note attack. Even when it offers a somewhat stylistic change-up, there’s a more galloping series of energetic riffing and plenty of charging drum-work even with the more mid-range tempos that stay consistent and similar to the crunchier patterns while the main variance here includes the use of folk instruments such as Irish bagpipes and the bodhran into their sound. This approach generates quite a fine epic quality as there’s a lot to like here, though it has a tendency to really go overboard in these simplistic rhythms and generates the kind of repetitious nature that really hampers the kind of epic quality the storyline really deserves. The music is simply too laid-back and lacks the biting charge it really needs to sink in and overwhelm with their epic qualities and seems to be far more mid-tempo than they really should be, and really causes this to sink down somewhat throughout here.

While not really generating the kind of epic qualities that are required to really sell this kind of storyline at all, the fact that it does generate a semblance of this approach often enough does make this a solid-enough offering for those looking for a more melodic approach to the epic heavy/power metal scene though those looking for more energetic fare should heed caution.