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Best and most unique thrash album around. - 99%

Savage300, May 1st, 2003

Many, many great thrash bands are out there, were out there, will be out there. But the ones that stand out of the crowd, a good crowd, nonethelsee, are not _that_ many.The problem needs to be accounted for from a philosophical point of view(heh, I like to invent stuff like that to spice a bit the reviews I write). The bands(yes, those from the supposed crowd, remember?) are just _very good_ thrash with _very good_ drums/vocals/guitars and such. But they lack a little something, a little something new, special, maybe a bit bothered with that bit special songwriting. And it is from this field that Sabbat strike. "He shoots, he scores"... Explanation: they are a very stylish and unique band. Very. The production is cool, thick guitar sounds, really suitable for the great(!) riffs to be found inside, which is not a mystery - Andy Sneap has played guitars and produced this cd. The presence of young Martin Walkyier here abolishes any probable questions about the lyrics - they are really neat, long, interesting and intelligent in the best Walkyier's tradition. His vocals are notable too - quite harsh and aggressive, yet very suiting the whole thing.

The album starts out with a catchy and scary intro and introduces the first track "The Clerical Conspiracy". Great riffs, a load of aggression, Martin's harsh and screeching vocals. With the song dealing about Martin's view on christian religion. The next song, a great acoustic ballad that flows into the best cd's track "Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightmares?", excellent guitar-work, I can't get the chorus out of my head since the first time I have heard this album(joke). One of the best solos I have ever heard here too. Afterwards we get two 'riff em' all' songs "The Best of Enemies" and "How Have The Mighty Fallen". Lots of catchy moments garanted. "Wildfire" - the only track which is not up to the level of all other, still good though, also the shortest one of the album, except the ballad. The last track "Mythistory" has a load of interesting moments with multiple vocalists, sounding really unique at times, another memorable chorus and the riffs under it. And a small acoustic outro after it - that's all.

Try to look for a while at the cover, than listen to the intro - the athmosphere has just been created and rush for the whole cd. Isn't it a great feeling? This album has that small, yet immense, thingie, that attracts the listeners more than anything else. If you like thrash and haven't heard this album - your life has almost been just half wasted. So you'd better correct this mistake as soon as possible. If you're quite far from enjoying the feeling which the musicians create through the songs, you are still likely to enjoy the fantstic riffs. Thus I spoke. Thy move.