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Sabbat - Dreamweaver - 97%

Ptah, June 11th, 2006

When this album came out it was probably one of the fastest most aggressive albums of all time. Having 17 years to reflect on this album and others of it’s era, Dreamweaver stands the test of time better than most. I think the reason for this is the pure speed and aggression that are present throughout the album. While many of the riffs are pure thrash metal, the speed at which they are played gives this album the ability to hold it’s own next to the black and death metal of later generations.

The lyrics are brilliant, while many thrash lyrics seem laughable to the adult mind these remain some of the best ever written. Martin Walkyier would go on and become noted as a brilliant lyricist in Skyclad but I think that this is his best work. In Skyclad Martin often uses puns and plays on words to make his points, this works well more often than not, but at time he out smarts himself and ends up sounding a bit silly. On Dreamweaver he is telling a story with a message and the lyrics contain some of the greatest lines ever included in a metal album. I have always wondered how much Martin’s rapid fire delivery on this album may have influenced Danni Filth. While Filth’s screech is noticeable more over the top his vocal delivery has always made me think of Martin.

Andy Sneap shows him self the be every bit the guitar player and song writter that he is producer. His leads are blistering and music is complex and well written front to back. Sneap wrote all but one song that he cowrote with Simon Jones. It makes you wonder what this guy would have written if he had keep plying in bands and not decided to focus on producing albums.

Highlights include Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares, Best of Enemies and How Have The Mighty Fallen. The worst song one here is Wildfire (and it’s not bad) the chorus of this song just sounds a little forced and doesn’t quite fit in. If you like any type of extreme metal and haven’t head this you are missing out. This is more than a good listen for nostalgia sake it is a great album that still sounds relevant today.