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We shall wash away your sins - 94%

Human666, August 13th, 2007

'Dreamweaver' is the second album of one of the most original thrash bands ever. The year is 1989, and that's means that there is a shitload of cloning thrash bands who spreading like a disease in our world and imitating 'Reign In Blood' or any other successful thrash album and rip off the same riff over and over again. But hey, not when it's about 'Sabbat'!

This british group has managed to put out some very unique albums in their somehow short career. 'Dreamweaver' is one of the most epic thrash albums I've heard (yeah, epic thrash) and it has a concept based upon the mythical tale 'The Way Of Wyrd'. If you the type of these who searchs for interesting lyrics along with quality thrash riffing, you surely can't miss this album. There are a lot of lyrics which flows perfectly with the riffing due to the intense and piercing vocals of 'Martin Walkyier', and just to give you a brief view about the lyrics length, 'How Have the Mighty Fallen?' contains over than two hundred lyric lines! (and it isn't the sole one in this album.)

The songs are well constructed. Each song is a complex thrash experience with great quantity of quality riffage. The brilliant integration of the intelligent lyrics with the catchy yet heavy riffs causing long songs such as 'Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?' and 'The Best of Enemies' to flow so fast and feel like much shorter songs.

Aside from the great thrashing tracks, this album has also some clean interludes which settles down the mood and creates a variation in the overall feeling of this album. 'Advent Of Insanity' for instance, is a chilling, moderare, hypnotic accoustic song with great pluckings and calmed vocals, even with some violins in the background. It flows so nice and sounds very unique with it's atmosphere and fits pretty well between 'The Clerical Conspiracy' and 'Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?'.

'Dreamweaver' is the ultimate example that thrash metal can be more ambitious and innovative than more deep and complicated genres such as prog metal. It has it's own unique thrashing madness within a complex structure of layers of wonderful riffs, it has a great lyrics and hypnotic atmosphere, and it's a must have for any thrasher. Amaznig album, one of the best thrash albums ever made.