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Thrashier! - 82%

BurntOffering, July 10th, 2006

Sabbat had a strange thing going of releasing an EP once a year for 5 years. This is some awesome stuff though. While their debut was much more in an NWOBHM style with a nice sense of melody, this one is a lot more Thrashy. The production is pretty good, a bit more raw and reverb filled, but not bad. You can make everything out clearly.

"Satanic Rites" is an intro for "Curdle the Blood". Together they make a really awesome Black/Thrash. The vocals are pretty raspy, kind of like Quorthon, "Sanatic Rites" starts it off pretty midpaced, and when "Curdle the Blood" comes in we get some tremolo riffage. Half way through we get an awesome Thrash break and a bit of soloing to make this one a winner. It has a pretty evil vibe to it. Much like "Bonded By Blood" or "Seven Churches". "Poison Child" has a bass intro. You'll notice the bass is very distorted, and keeps the low end nice and thick. Then there's an awesome Thrash break. The solos in this song is a lot more melodic. The vocal delivery in this song is very cool too.

If you're a fan of Destruction, Bathory or Sodom you'll most likey dig this stuff. It's pretty cool, with some awesome riffs. That cover art is fucking cool too.