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If anything, it's hilarious - 25%

Inspector Satan, April 17th, 2012

Riddled with shoutings and attempted growls that would see fit in a climactic scene in a kabuki theatre, this underground Japanese group definitely takes the cake as one of the funniest bands to rise from the land of the rising sun. Sabbat has been gaining somewhat of a cult following, they encompass all that is attractive and appealing about being enjoyed by enthusiasts- raw tone, undecipherable screams, low sound quality in general, extremely unavailable, and it's from another country (if you know about Sabbat you're most likely not from Japan). The album cover looks like it was drawn in an afternoon with a sharpie by a japanese teenager after hours of crying from being bullied at school. Obviously they're trying their best at being like Bathory, but what we have here are confused imitators.

Like cargo cultists, Sabbat takes the formula of the underground black/thrash movement and mixes all the ingredients, hoping for their perceived outcome. However awkward screams and their overtly Japanese pronounciation effectively overrides and distracts from any appreciation of their musical abilities. Laughter may even ensue when one hears the phrase "possessed the room" and "Bring me head" shouted over and over.

Musicianship-wise, Sabbat offers nothing new. But fans of raw black/thrash aren't usually looking for groundbreaking material. I, myself, enjoy raw low quality tone border-lining on noise. But any sort of enjoyment is nullified by the continual scream of "Panic! I have panic in head!"

If you come across this album definitely give it a spin. If not for the music, you'll enjoy it for the comedy.