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Stop! Stop! He's already dead! - 5%

BuriedUnborn, July 21st, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Nuclear Blast

Holy fucking Jesus! I thought Sabaton had started to go on a bad direction back when they released The Last Stand, but I feel that at least with The Great War they were keeping a bit of quality in their music still, but I can't bear to listen to the new singles they've released recently, and this release is just the cherry on top of the pile of musical incompetency, repetition and artistic stagnation by Sabaton in the last 5 years. The single at hand presents us with two tracks named 'Kingdom Come' and 'Metal Trilogy'. From the first track I was expecting nothing decent and nothing decent I got, and from the second track I was, for some reason and in total ignorance of the track's title, a brand new song with lyrics referring to other artists, but what I've got was overwhelmingly disappointing.

The first 4 minutes of this release are made of the most unoriginal, boring, and bland "metal" I've ever heard. From the absolute horrendous mix to the seemingly interesting chord progression at first that turns into the perfect soundtrack for an animated movie for children due to its bland attempt at sounding like happy or hopeful major-scale metal (yes, this exists) but failing miserably because there's barely any metal here, it's all just an incredibly monotonous palm-muted chord progression on a single string with a phaser effect that drills into your mind, with some occasional power chords and seemingly random leads thrown into this excuse of a "power metal" song as to show everyone that the guitarists here are incredibly skilled but seemingly incapable of writing a single decent track. The song is so painfully slow, repetitive and uninteresting that I listened to it for a second time and I wanted to hit the pause button after just 15 seconds. There's not a riff, there's nothing worth headbanging to, there's not a single fucking thing that will catch your attention because the guitars are lame, the vocals are lame, the lyrics are lame and the drums are comparable to that of AC/DC in their simplicity, being delegated to a human percussive metronome rather than an actual instrument.

And if as the first of the two tracks here wasn't god awful already, what we've got as the second is literally just Sabaton ripping themselves off by grabbing 3 previous tracks ('Metal Machine', 'Metal Crüe' and 'Metal Ripper') and throwing them together to form a single song... Imagine you're so void of ideas that you start literally recycling old stuff you've already recorded and released. This song is practically just the three aforementioned compositions taped together, it starts with 'Metal Ripper' until the chorus, then switches to 'Metal Crüe' following the same pattern and ends with 'Metal Machine'. Like, what the fuck is this? Sabaton songs about metal 100% speedrun [4:18 WR]??? This is literally just a joke of a release, there's absolutely no reason to do this, you're just screaming out loud that you've ran out of ideas! But they can do this, because literally everyone who was once interested in their music has now moved on and left them to rot due to their absolute state of stagnation, with only the hardcore fans, people who are just getting into metal and casual metal listeners remaining to care for whatever cashgrab they might release.

All of this reminds me of my first band: our guitarist was incredibly skilled and he actually wanted to play power metal, after all he really liked bands such as Rata Blanca or Dragonforce, among others. When we began rehearsing and writing songs, what we came up with was ridiculous and far from anything we had planned. The guy was so fucking good at shredding for 8 minutes straight if he so wanted to, but the two songs we managed to write were the most generic punk and hard rock songs you could ever imagine, but when he had the opportunity he would throw in an amazing lead or solo in the middle of the song. This is the absolute state of Sabaton, a bunch of skilled musicians seemingly incapable of writing anything barely decent, whose apparent songwriting skills can be put to shame by any random high school band. Still, I'd probably blame Nuclear Blast and their amazing skill at seemingly squashing every single last drop of talent out of its artists to leave them as dull and as appealing to the mainstream as possible just so they can catch the attention of the casual crowd who is going to make them the most revenue and probably attend to their artists' tours. They did the same exact thing with Battle Beast and other artists, and it didn't take long before they did it with Sabaton as well.

As someone who was once very big into Sabaton, I must say, my level of disappointment is immense, and I am no longer looking forward for anything this band might ever release again, because once you go down this path you can hardly turn around, so for me this is the point at which I bury Sabaton and all the admiration I could have once had for them.