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Split review #4 - 70%

UCTYKAH, September 9th, 2009

Sadist the old dog cut out a quick half hour trial split demo back in '03 with the like-minded cabal of fellow misanthropes from his home town before proceeding to a first full-length endeavor. Industrial black metal is the name of the game, and these boys do it good. They dip black metal in a cauldron of acid in order to remold and layer some of the outside facets while leaving the mainframe well intact.

The initiating track "The Birth of Nuclear Winter" also found its way on MA's "Homicides" full-length, and here it sounds almost identical. It just seems a bit more muted and muffled in comparison, guitars in particular, but that's probably because "Homicides" was done under better studio conditions and received better mastering. Drum machine is densely intertwined with oxidized guitars and synthesizers in order to move in a measured but swift way through riff patterns, leaving behind nothing but scorched earth and radiation. Next up is "Insects" - a cover of Russian punk legends GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA. The original is played with an acoustic guitar and accompanied by home-made background noises, small pieces of which Sadist even took strides to replicate in the beginning and end of the track. Overall, it is a reasonably successful and unusual sympho-industrial reinterpretation of a fundamentally different musical piece. "Future Impure (Hate Mix)" is MA's futuristic, electronic excursion. A synthetic, dark techno version of IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES would probably sound like that.

SS-18 I never heard before and they turned out to be sort of a pleasant foray, although for the majority of the human race there should be nothing pleasurable in a monotonously threshing, thick-as-hell clot of plastering industrialized sound. But hey, this stuff is aimed directly at and against them. Leaden rain and streams of necroenergy lead right to spasmatic planet convulsions. Nuclear holocaust, destruction, radioactive storms, acid rains, industrial adits to the underground shafts and catacombs, where meager life is barely possible for the hardened surviving few. "Leaden Rain" is completely bereft of synth, which appear sparingly on "The Streams of Necroenergy", somewhere underneath its grinding guitar sound. Otherwise, it's dismal, dreary riff after dismal, dreary riff adorned with scant melodic licks that peak out on a few occasions from an ongoing maelstrom. Closing "Spasmatic Planet Convulsions" is a gloomy dark ambient workout seasoned with some background noise and distant symphonic synth. The end.

Generally speaking, I would probably liken this stuff to THORNS if a big name comparison had to be picked, but really MISANTHROPIC ART in particular seem to have their own thing going on. Regardless, it's worth looking into if you have run out of soundtracks for the ongoing industrial decay, but make sure to further proceed to MA's "Homicides" and "Lifeless Nothing".