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Sargent "D" is Back! - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 8th, 2008

Almost 15 years have passed since their debut album and in 1999 S.O.D. return to the roots with this new album. It was very hard to match the intensity of “Speak English Or Die”, that still nowadays is regarded as a milestone in this genre. Their will of amuse and enjoy themselves is always the same and the music always incredibly funny.

We all know the genre: thrash/crossover at its best. Ironic, desecrating lyrics and speed in music. The “long” songs are few so I start from these ones. The title track is quite slow with crunchy, catchy riffs and good refrain. The bass is pounding and distorted. The following “The Crackhead Song” is a mix of blast beats and mid paced riffs. Fun! “Kill The Assholes” is amazing. Pure brutality.

“Black War” is one of my favourite here. Great up tempo and catchy singing chorus. “The Song That Don’t Go Fast” is so slow to grow in speed while is going on. Good! The great “Shenanigans” is punk on blast beats. The drumming is incredible and devastating. Billy Milano is always so bad ass but also so funny at vocals.

The shortest songs (just few seconds) are the hilarious “School Bus”, “Dog On The Tracks” or “Fugu” among the others. More or less all characterized by hyper fast tempo parts and strange/screamed vocals. A good thing to notice is the riff on “Aren’t You Hungry”, copied from Anthrax’s “Imitation Of Life” song. Looking at the members in this group they can do it.

These are S.O.D. You can hate or love them in their style. I love them even if this album is a bit less spontaneous than “Speak English Or Die” that still remains untouchable. Anyway, this is a fucking good effort.