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Co-trendsetters in the making - 85%

morbert, October 1st, 2008

Even though S.O.B. are mentioned as grindcore pioneers together with Repulsion and Napalm Death (among others), on “Leave Me Alone ” they’re still nothing more than an extremely fast hardcore punk group. Nothing grind about it in terms of blast speed drums and ‘going too far’. Just listen to songs like “Fat Women”, “SDI&ABM” and “Leave Me Alone” and you’ll agree any comparison with the 1984 Siege material is easy.

Actually this EP is not much more than worshipping the likes of Siege and of course pionering earlier ultra fast hardcore punk bands like Negative Approach. Vocally however Tottsuan sounds more like Jeff walker in his younger days than the average hardcore vocalist. So the total sound is easier for extreme metal fans tot get into than hearing yet another hardcore punk group from the eighties.

If you’re into really fast hardcore punk from the eighties, this EP will be a more than welcome addition to your collection. Yet, if you consider yourself mostly a metal head, you’re not familiar with them and looking for pionering and trendsetting stuff from the early days of grindcore you better check out their 1987 album “Don't Be Swindle” first.