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You'll need an Alka-Seltzer! - 82%

faecophile, April 14th, 2008

To get to the crux of this reveiew from the beginning, if you only have a one-dimensional interest in a relatively narrow overly-specified area of extreme metal, you may well not find much to appreciate in this release nor even it's place in the history of death metal & grindcore.

This should appeal to both fans of punky/hardcore/crossover as well as those grind or death metal fans interested in some of the formative stages of their beloved music.

I won't lie to you and say it's as awesome, brutal or incendiary as say Siege - Drop Dead or Repulsion - Horrified, but this 7" EP is still pretty good fun listening.
It's hardly original in my honest opinion, but originality, tabs and song scales aren't what you look into bands like S.O.B. for in the first place. Bands like S.O.B. are there for you to have fun listening to and going spasmodic to in a fun/ drunken way.

If you want a fun, no-strings 'thrash night' (in the physical movement sense not the genre title sense) - to paraphrase one of their later releases - add this to your collection and play it around the same time you listen to Siege, Repulsion and the rest and it'll fit right in.

Track highlights would probably be 'SDI ABM' or 'Not Me'.

Not an 'essential' purchase by any means, if anything 'What's The Truth?' would be S.O.B.'s most essential release, but still a good, fun record for sticking on whilst on the move in the car or some other form of activity that doesn't require you to concentrate fully on the music but still needs a pick-me-up.

'Leave Me Alone' = punky pick-me-up