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Fine, I'll leave you alone! - 58%

Funeral_Shadow, March 18th, 2006

Before S.O.B. became the big thrash/hardcore monsters they're best known for within the grindcore world, there was S.O.B. the super hardcore punk band. This is how a more dysfunctional and incoherent Siege meets Discharge and Extreme Noise Terror hybrid would sound like with leans towards blast beats and a maniac screamer. This short 9 minute EP is pretty essential listening if you consider yourself to be a grind elite or a hardcore/crust punker.

There's nothing much to really say with this EP being it's no longer than 10 minutes. The only things that can be said about this release is that it's raw, super messy yet catchy to listen to and did I mention that it's raw? This literally sounds like a war happening within an outcast punkers mind who has no means of releasing his aggression so he hears this noise in his head. Some notable mentions here is the self titled song "Leave Me Alone" which comes out as being the catchiest song with an actual (more like noticeable) chorus part and just doesn't consist of blistering noise. "Give Me Advice" and "Knock Out" are songs which come closest to sounding like traditional hardcore punk songs (or at least the intros of the songs sound like hardcore punk but then transcend into grindcore frenzies.) Most of the songs here pretty much sound the same.

This, in other words, is grindcore in one of it's truest, rawest and finest forms. There is 0% of metal on this EP; it's just messy hardcore punk done by some frustrated thrashy maniacs. Listen if you wish to have a war in your head or want to know what grindcore really is suppose to sound like... just done kind of atrocious and messy.

Ear Candy: Leave Me Alone.