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One of the best metal albums of all time - 98%

lump1, January 30th, 2008

I have a pretty huge and eclectic music collection, corresponding to my love for albums in a broad range of categories. An album must really be special for it to displace all the others. This album is that good - I've had it on my mp3 player, on my phone and in my head for almost two years, and even though I've played it on heavy rotation, I'm still not sick of it.

It's hard to describe what's so great about it. To start, I would say it's incredibly atmospheric and in parts almost psychadellic, all without being pussified though the use of any synthisizers. On this album, Sólstafir manage to compose songs with overpowering dynamics, songs that have strong, soft, brutal and introspective sections while maintaining a certain unity.

It also helps a lot that the vocals are truly excellent. The best comparison would be with Primordial's A.A. Nemtheanga, or maybe Tom Arya on Divine Intervention. Yes, I know, the highest praise I can come up with! I wish somebody could convince Aðalbjörn Tryggvason to re-record the vocals of half of my metal albums!

Just because this band is famous doesn't mean that they're "odd" or "fringe" or hard to listen to. I think smart metal fans, no matter their stylistic preference, will any beautifully-crafted album, and this is one of the best ones ever made.