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I Just Have No Words - 100%

Killer_Clown, November 20th, 2011

Really, I don' know how to describe this brilliance! I have no words, even emotions indeed after listening to that grandeur album. "Masterpiece of Bitterness" captivated me from the very begining and didn't set me free to the final act. I cannot imagine, how talented musicians should be to compose such great melodies. But the fact is fact, "Masterpiece..." is the greatest metal album of all times and I think the most part of metalheads, who had ever listened to Sólstafir will concur with me.

At first I want to note the melodies, they are the main and the most beautiful parts of this magnificent CD! How could I describe the genius of tunes, for example, on "Bloodsoaked Velvet", "Ljósfari" or "Ghosts of Light " and especially on "I Myself The Visionary Head". There is no way one can, this is beyond descriptions, beyond any words. And exactly these superb guitars make everybody feel not even amazed, but really fascinated.

Also I'd like to talk about drums! Oh, that unspeakable fast fragments from the first song or the fine first-rate play on "Ritual of Fire" shudders me everytime I repeat second Sólstafir's album in my headphones or on the CD-ROM jukebox. The same thing I can say about Aðalbjörn Tryggvason's vocals, which are one of the best metal vocals. His anguished voice with little hoarseness bewitches me each time I listen to Sólstafir.

There are some moments on this masterpiece that help you to forget life problems, depression (despite the strange information, that the band plays depressive rock) and other bad interior feelings, collect the thoughts and comprehend your life position. But, of course, I don't mean that the music on album is very positive and merry, i just wanted to say that it completely absorbs you and helps to concentrate.

I hope you understood the idea I wanted to hand down to others.