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I'm getting thirsty - 87%

Iscarioth, September 21st, 2005

Rytmihäiriö, the Finland's finest. And propably the greatest "surmacore" band ever (and also the only one as far as I know). In fact, "surmacore" is probably the greatest definition to describe their music. Hell, it's the greatest definition for anything! Although someone might label them as crossover, their music has more Death Metal-elements than your average crossover-band. Their music in my opinion is perfect mixture of punk-attitude, Thrashy riffage and grinding Death Metal. It actually reminds me of some crazy mixture of old Napalm Death and D.R.I. Take something like that and add lyrics that mostly concentrate on killing your drinking buddy while getting drunk with Gambina. That's Rytmihäiriö right there. As you have probably already guessed, the songs found on this little EP aren't really long, but instead they are short blasts filled with overall crazyness. I love it!

The songs themselves, although lyrically more or less tongue-in-cheek, are aggressive as hell. It is hard to try not to wreck your apartment and everything around while listening this stuff. It really makes your blood boil. Like booze, but only without alcohol, because alcohol is something that was invented so that you can enjoy it while listening Rytmihäiriö.

It is hard to review this stuff song by song, since there really isn't much variety. This really isn't something that you can listen all day long and not getting bored. It really is at it's best when you listen it while drinking with your buddies. This is ultimate Booze Metal right here! Viinaa ja Väkivaltaa (Booze and Violence) pretty much sums it all up what this band is about. Plus it's free for download from their website, so there shouldn't be any obstacles at getting this one. So as long as you want punkish Death/Thrash Metal that smells like male sweat and alcohol, then this is something worth of downloading. Enjoy it cold, just like everything you drink while listening this one.