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A Start of a Revolutionary Band - 90%

Bloody_Sabbath666, September 25th, 2010

Ruthless Order the talented band from Moscow, Russia made a new form of music at least new to my ears. How is that you ask me, well they mixed power metal, death metal and a slice of progressive metal to put this masterpiece together, the smart move the band made managed them to satisfy both traditional and extreme metal fans, For example in the brilliant track dead souls' rock ( which is one of my favorite tracks ) At the beginning of it you listen to some tasty death Metal riffs and some catchy drums intro by Miko, Then Slaanesh's Angry growls go in to put you in an exciting head bang mood then suddenly the growls turn into beautiful clean screams that are just orgasm to your ears then the awesome melodic guitars of Nazaroid and Tasch which are just perfect.

One of the most beautiful tracks too is " lonley ness to see " which is a 7:31 beautiful progressive trip, it starts fast then gets slow with a beautiful mellow rhythm with the help of Slaanesh's beautiful voice followed by angry clean screams and add to it an amazing solo guitar, then more awesome roller coaster riffs till a beautiful outre, And you got yourself a magical track, another cool track would be silent night .... with its bluesy intro then to the screaming riffs and the backing vocals, the guitar rhythm and the catchy drum line to my favorite moment when the growls start ... it's really a perfect compilation.

No matter how far i describe how amazing this album is, you will never appreciate how much revolutionary this band is till you listen to it. For those who like traditional heavy and power metal you will love Slaanesh's voice and the screaming power guitars, For those who like their music more extreme they will also love Slaanesh's Growls and the awesome death riffs and fast drumming in there , as for the lyrics the album is was partially inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and is dedicated to philosophical aspects of "the second birth" and afterlife so i know that will interest alot of you guys.

Every track in this album is pure awesome but my most favorite must be ( dead souls' rock - blind king of the world - we miss the hell ).