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Like Cryptopsy, only better! - 95%

Bruce500, February 9th, 2013

I have a pretty long history of trying to find this album. This band has a pretty big cult following here in Spokane due to its brutal, perfectly-executed live shows. Through all the years of the scene deteriorating, these guys are one of the few original death metal bands left. After finally finding this album, I can see why.

It's pretty obvious that these guys are really a comfortable fit. The energy level achieved on this album shows that they are all on the same musical level. And other than the energy, the synchronization is great. Everything feels very natural and very similar to their live shows.

As for a review of the individuals, I'll start with the drums. The drums are mostly what you'd expect from a death metal album, although they are played at what I'd say is about the level of Flo Mounier or Cryptopsy. One thing that is different on here though are occasional clean guitar passages, in which case the drumming is lighter, showing that the band is capable of multiple genres.

The vocals are a mix of deep, guttural vocals and Mayhem-esque rasps. There is surely some black metal influence here, although the majority is what I'd consider old school technical/brutal death metal. Although there are clean passages in the instrumentals, there are no clean vocals on this album, which while I love clean singing, is for the best. This album doesn't have the highest of recording qualities, which is fine for its style and audience, and if cleans were added it would surely clash with the recording.

The guitars are amazing! The tone one these guys' amps is probably one of the best that I've heard from this style, especially for a band from the northwestern United States. The same goes for the mixing of the guitars. The recording quality may not be polished, but this is not a crappy garage record. The guitars are obviously the driving force here and they do it well!. My only complaint is that during the clean passages, the guitars are mixed in mono. But this is a death metal album, not a folk album, so that's completely understandable.

The bass is standard, although it is nice to be able to hear it for once. Most albums tend to mix the bass down, but in this one it's actually part of the sound. There are amazing albums out there that have no bass, but it always adds something.

Overall, this is a great album for any fans of Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Death, Dying Fetus, or anything else of that type. This band really deserves to make it big on the worldwide death metal scene. Go get this album right now.