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The Serial Kind - 72%

Muloc7253, December 2nd, 2009

Rusty Eye have come a long way since their garage rock days. I first heard the album Rust N' Roll, which was barely metal at all but more of a garage/punk/grunge/alternative hybrid. I would have passed them off as a decent but forgettable rock and roll band if I weren't urged by friends to give their newer works a shot and indeed they were right - I check out the song Mr. Cannibal on youtube and it was a massive step up from the rather confused sounding debut. They'd added a more clean, metallic influenced with well-defined riffing, but they'd also found salvation in vocalist/drummer extraordinaire Miss Randall, which improved their sound tenfold.

Well I planned to get hold of a copy of Stendhal Syndrome, but since Possessor was just around the corner I decided to hold on and wait a little. And this does sound exactly as I expected, Rusty Eye are still firmly rooted in rock music but with a lot of added Maidenisms, more epic riffs, double the amount of notes that should exist in a rock riff and such. Possesser is much better than Rust N' Roll too (although there's nothing as great as Mr. Cannibal on here) but Miss Randall's voice is a definite plus and the increase in melodic leads is definitely welcomed by me. Mr. Rust still does vocals which I can't say I approve of, not much of a fan of his voice (although it's not as bad as on Rust N' Roll - an album with great hooks and terrible vocals), whether he's growling or yelling or whatever, his vocals are rather unneccesary.

The musicianship is great though, and the hooks are really good - 'The Serial Kind' and 'Mondo Cane' are very catchy, the latter sounding like a modern alternative rock band spitting out Cradle of Filth and Metallica riffs. Yes, as you can tell this is a pretty damn versatile album and should probably be a lot more popular than it is.