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Raw Black Thrash From Hell - 75%

JackOfAllBlades, December 13th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Less an EP than a two-sided single, To the Continuous Cold is nevertheless a full-bodied addition to Rust's discography. Like many of the band's previous releases, the cover art makes resoundingly clear the style that can be expected from the music; though the foundation of 80s thrash is evident, particularly in the skank beats and certain guitar riffs, the overall sound is still quite black. This pervasive atmosphere of evil is well-suited to the scratchy lo-fi production.

The two songs here are relatively simple, both consisting of alternating fast and mid-tempo parts unified by vocalist J's hoarse, shouty screams. These are punctuated by occasional dips into familiar styles from either side of the band's influence: from black metal they take the blast beats and melodic lead guitars, and from thrash they take the palm-muted chugs and pentatonic fills. The trebly, heavily distorted guitar sound will be familiar to fans of both styles, as will the drum sound that emphasizes attack over decay. All this makes for a sound that deemphasizes the importance of any one subgenre in favor of making metal that sounds like metal.

"Wielding Death" is certainly the stronger of the two tunes featured here, due in no small part to its shorter length. It's not that Rust can't keep a song interesting for seven minutes - they can. But since both tracks feature essentially the same structure and a lot of the same tricks up their sleeves, the trimmer track (at four and a half minutes) feels like the formula pared down to its essentials. "Deep Dreams Devoid" is still perfectly strong in its own right, though, and uses its more drawn-out length to build tension that releases gratifyingly with the fast section in the last minute.

As a band, Rust is nothing if not consistent, and since their earliest releases they have reliably delivered a brand of black/thrash that is as cold as it is mean. These new songs are a welcome continuation of that sound, and it bodes well for the band's future if they can still rock like this ten years on from their first release.