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Rush's Heaviest Since 2112! - 82%

PowerProg_Adam, February 27th, 2003

Vapor Trails is by no means a complete album, but I haven't been able to get some of these songs out of my head, they are just that good. I had the priviledge of seeing Rush on this tour, and they have to be one of the greatest live bands in the world. I even enjoyed the songs off of Vapor Trails, which I haven't heard prior to the concert. Instead of criticizing the mediocore, I'll stick to the greatness that this album conveys.

One Little Victory used to irk me slightly, because it sounded like Geddy Lee was whining too often, but Rush fans have to learn to live with that and it is actually a pretty hard driven song with excellent bass work.

Ghost Rider is one of my favorite songs from Rush. Its just so beautifully written by Neil Peart. A very ballad like song that is shows many that Geddy Lee's voice is getting much better. Its supposed about the untimely death of his wife and daughter and how it possessed him to ride his motorcycle across the world. If you are interested, he wrote an actual book about the entire events as well aptly named Ghost Rider.

Secret Touch is another really nice song, mainly so because it showcases Geddy Lee's ungodly bass playing ability. Once again another beautifully written song.

There are many nice songs on this album. I just decided to showcase my personal favorites. My only complaint about this album is that Rush seems to be doing what Dream Theater has been doing with Mike Portnoy, with Neil Peart. Neil is IMO the closest to god of drumming as their can be, but he doesn't display what he's capable of here really. He sounds more powerful here than in previous albums, but he doesn't showcase his technicality, and I know its not because he lost it, because he was still ruling ass live. Great drumming would bring this album up to a 100 pretty quick.