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HealthySonicDiet, April 10th, 2004

I don't understand why Rush doesn't have more reviews on this site. It's really a crying shame considering how emotional, talented, and influential they are. I can understand how people have a hard time thinking of them as metal because they do in fact sound closer to prog rock and classic rock, but damn, they're on the site now! Everyone needs to get with the program!
Anyway, Vapor Trails continues Rush's trademark slice of intensely emotional, heavy, driving prog rock/metal and though not a masterpiece or as atmospheric, memorable, and progressive as Test for Echo, I see nothing wrong with a band toning down their sound a little bit for experimental and creative purposes. Hey, as long as they're not turning mallcore on us then I'm cool with whatever they decide to do.
Whereas Test for Echo was more ethereal and atmospheric( as well as having less radio viability), there in fact was a single from this album, though I can't remember which song it is. The ironic fact is, though, that these songs aren't as memorable as the ones from Test for Echo. You would think since this album is more straightforward and commercial-sounding then the songs would stick in my head more, but it's not the case.
Geddy Lee still somewhat sounds like the chick that never was, Alex Lifeson is still churning out heavy, crunchy, technical grooves, Neil Peart still knows how to devour those drums of his, and the bass is still right on target.Here we have a technical opus that doesn't become long-winded and superfluous like some prog acts do.
I believe, also, that the lyrics on this album are still somewhat political and worldly like they are on Test for Echo, but the meanings of them didn't register with me yet. I will read the lyrics soon to determine this, however.
All in all an excellent release from a highly talented, but overlooked band. Not a masterpiece, but pick up just the same.