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A Far Cry from a good album - 40%

headbanger54, August 16th, 2007

My friend put in this album when it had first come out when I was over his house. I wasn't really paying any attention to it because I was in a very epic game of Uno, this comes back to haunt me. But a few days later I heard "Far Cry" on the radio and the melodic pre-chorus and chorus got me instantly hooked. About a week later I went out and purchased this album.

I popped this CD in and heard the immediate, heavy thumping of the intro to "Far Cry." I remember a different friend saying, " Wow this is Rush? It sounds too heavy to be them." Which is 100% true. This sneaky single and first track on the CD starts in heavy with pounding, melodic bass drums and the bass guitar which delivers the sense that this might be one hell of an album. Wrong! All the effort in this album went towards writing "Far Cry." The song after it, "Armor and Sword," calms down considerably. Its so soft that it's nearly an acoustic session. No catchy riffs, no heavy parts, and what I think to be a maraca in the background. But I still had some hopes at this point.

But my hopes and dreams never became a reality. The rest of the album followed the same boring and light song structure as "Armor and Sword." I don't really see anything else that sticks out as entertaining within this album. My mom who thinks that Nickelback is "too heavy" actually didn't mind this album. The only other song that I ever care to listen to is "Workin' Them Angels." Now if you're into really soft stuff, this album is for you! If you're like me, you'll find this album boring and repeating. Other than "Far Cry" I can't pick out what songs are which, and I've listened through the album quite a few times now in order to write this review.

Kudos though for helping me fall asleep while in the car on the way to Baltimore. The endless drone of the same sound kind of did it for me. I find albums with variety are the key to a successfull album. And unfortunately one heavy song doesn't cut it. I should've listened a bit closer during that game of Uno, I don't think I'll ever play that again.